by Kingdom



Recorded in October 2010 by Mike Reaves in Richmond, Virginia. Mixed and Mastered by Chris Dowhan. 7" Vinyl and Digital Download available from Dead Truth Recordings.


released June 21, 2011

Vocals - Davin Bernard
Guitar - David Hayter
Bass - Pames Jollard
Drums - Mike Reaves

Cover Art photocopied, drawn, and painted by Davin. Digital conversion/editing by Nick Smith.



all rights reserved


Kingdom Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly/RVA vegan straight edge hardcore.

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Track Name: Harbinger
You can't break me

Against my throat a persuasive blade
Talks me under a man without a face
As I inhale with the first pang of pain
The girl I was a breath ago slips away
When I stand the world's a battlefield
Though I know now it always was
Where so many share his silhouette
So many cower under his threat
We, the 51%... but I who am one less

I'm a living message
A promise of vengeance

Oh how surprised he'll be to find he's made a warrior of me!
The shake of my virgin thighs rings out through time like a war cry calling
Calling: "Make them suffer
Make them plead"
Erase them to the memory
Oracle eyes
I see through sites
And I've become your destiny

I laugh when he approaches, yeah he misinterprets me
He sees a smile as my lips curl into a sneer
(Teeth bared)
And a sparkle in my eyes as I strike the flint
(Fuse lit)
He's not afraid but I'll teach him fear
He's not ashamed but I'll make him revere it
Let him try to rally his boys, yeah bring 'em right to me
The sun rounds the earth again and again
I've spent my years swingin' at faceless men
My victory may be a bitter one
But all will know this one thing when I am done:

You can't break me
Track Name: Regenerate
A tremor starts from deep within
In a palsied final rattling
I toss my eyes to fertile fields
For clarity in next harvest's yield


In rumination of ruination
We cultivate ourselves
With hate and compassion
With the heirloom artistry of the meek
We weave our weaker threads into a tapestry
Our place defined
Side by side

The naivety you plead disgusts me

With all your justifications
Can you justify a death for no reason?
With all your sympathy
Why don't you sympathize with agony?

The naivety you plead DISGUSTS ME

When every root is bound
And every cry the same sound
Then they become we become I
Our stories align, intertwine
Like yarn spun of each betrayal of those denied

The lesson in suffering is to lessen all suffering
So I make this offering:
Be free of me
Be free


How is one step away enough for you, the accomplice
To separate from your conscience?
We're of earth then life, of beast then flesh
Only after are we human
Our place defined
Side by side

Track Name: Wax And Wane
This is just to bring me 'round
This is just to make me full
Wax and wane
My phase, my fate
Maybe if the stars aligned
Maybe if it were just right
I'd stop tonight
Free myself in pure black skies
But everything is white

A shiver, a shake
I can't leave this place
Wax and wane
If it were just right,
You know I'd stop tonight
But everything is white

I'm waning
I'm waning
I'm waning

You'll see, someday I'll put out the light
I cast down onto this universal blight
But so many'll be left burning bright
Track Name: Slight Of Badge
Life to soul
Life to soul
Gather round and I'll show you how
We place bones
Into a man's
Life and soul
Life and soul
Using only slight of badge
We'll avert your eyes
From truth to lies

Could we have a volunteer?
(Yes, you!)
The woman who lost her children from neglect and abuse
Have you any wild claims to make today?

"Arrest their father"
(Plunge his name to the depths of shame)
"He's a molester"
(Worthier of blame)
"100's my proof"
(Now this should arouse our suspicions)
But we're gonna make it
An inquistion!

In our next act
We'll fabricate evidence
Coerce underage witnesses
Then use a bit of hearsay to convict
He'll never come back from this


Now don't try this at home, not that you can
Since we hold down the monopoly on legal violence
Watch in wonder as in the beat of a baton
We leave a criminal laying where once there was none
Feast your eyes on the illusion of justice and law
No, it doesn't exist at all!
A broken home- LIFE
Or fractured bones- SOUL
Or a loss of dignity
It's all in the show!

You've been such a captive audience
So in a grand finale of crooked consequence
We'll charge you all with innocence
And lock you up with the rest of them