The Rage That Guides

by Kingdom



Recorded in December 2008 with Drew Fulk in Greensboro, North Carolina. CD available from Eulogy Recordings.


released March 31, 2009

Vocals - Davin Bernard
Guitar - David Hayter
Bass - Pierce Roberts
Drums - Benjamin Sap

Cover Art drawn by Benjamin Sap


all rights reserved



Kingdom Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly/RVA vegan straight edge hardcore.

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Track Name: Hollow Bones
Welcome to the marrowless assembly
Bang those hollow bones, trumpet in the mass insanity
Play on, numb wills, serenade these bars with your complicity
We warm these cells like moths to flame
Consequence is all that remains

And I too was staggering blind, then I kicked up some insight
And I too was mesmerized by their tune and sang along like a fool

We're all so excited, madness opens tonight
Us marionettes are dressed proper for the planet's sacrifice
Dance on, numb wills, lift your legs and stamp us all right out
These wooden bones are drawn to flame
Consquence is all that remains

And I too was staggering blind then I kicked up some insight
And I too agreed their truth was fact and signed my name on the suicide pact
Now I smear my face with the ashes of the past
Now I fill my empty bones with hate
Now I'm going sane

Bang those hollow bones

There is no power on or above this earth that can govern us
The empire's band betrays with the rhythm of consciousness

Bang those hollow bones
Track Name: Voluntary Human Extinction
What if we're too late and our suicidal ways have permeated everything?
Every cell is poisoned - every inch of earth
Have we undergone a cataclysmic rebirth?

Nothing has been spared - nothing can be saved
Today's existence is a parody of yesterday
What is life so far removed from life? Define, Deny...


We're on a sinking ship and the life boats are going down with it
Breathing in carcinogens, I wonder what "natural" might have been
Yeah, I'm part of this charade, but I'll have no part in breeding this shame

No fucking way

Sometimes things die
(With a whimper, not a bang)
And we don't hear their goodbyes
(Like any other day)
Sometimes there is no hope
There is no hope

You can't always fix your mistakes
This time we're too late
Track Name: Real Crime
This insatiable city sways
The living quiver and blocks quake
As the souls sunk into the stones rise in rage
The urban decayed - the murder a day
In whose lost names came the loss of liberty
So alive again to haunt these stricken streets, they scream
We'll tell you just what did us in...
We'll tell you what the real crime is...

Real crime is half below the poverty line
Real crime is abuse of authority sanctified

This is a state of emergency alright

In the destitute, desperation abounds
We hit the bottom long before we hit the ground
Lacking opportunity, forced into a drug economy
Lost in a circle of criminality on the outskirts of society
Trying to survive and failing
Those who blame rather than alleviate dig the graves

No one will rest in peace in a police state

Real crime
Track Name: Anything
Joy, I know, will soon be under snow
This is goodbye for now...
(One eye)
It's a half-sighted life for now
Three flakes, then four, arrive... then many more
Freezing in an embrace
We wait, we wait

We'll have our spring, anything

Always, home is home so we hung our souls
And hold each other close down these lonesome silent roads
This is goodbye for now...
(One eye)
It's a half-sighted life for now
Freezing embrace
Did I blink off the ice too late?

We'll have our spring, anything, just wait

Here spins the most beautiful song ever written but the needle is lifted
Here sings a rare and tragic record "Be good to me and I will love you forever"
This is our melody - anything, anything
Never forget me, we sing - anything, anything
Track Name: Broken Teeth
Seven from the left
A chip marks the time I can't forget
These scars we keep, reminders of the lives we have to lead
We are the renegade abject
Our pain becomes a catalyst to contradict

Once speaking in addiction with perfect diction
We now disregard past dialects
For the language of unshakable self respect
Grateful, and hateful, we walk in self-exile
Out of the storm, out of the past
To the doorway that will never collapse

I laugh with broken teeth
Lost was everything, regained gruelingly
I laugh with broken teeth
So beaten was I once, now hammers break on me

And I do look back with sympathy sometimes
So I dedicate this to the me I left behind
Who is all whose lives are denied
By the wounds accumulated over time
And attempts to cauterize them with lies

These scars we keep
Tarnished steel redeems
Cowardice with confidence
We laugh with broken teeth

So lost was everything
So beaten where we once
Now hammers break on us
Now hammers break on us
Track Name: Bathory
I know that each day you tell yourself
"This is how it's supposed to be"
And each day you wonder how much longer you can believe
You feel the wrong
You lie to carry on
I lost my faith staring into the eyes of one condemned to die.
(A promise made to those we've betrayed)

Lose your faith

In this grand illusion of entitlement to life
Our "need" is a mask for our greed and it's not right
We are executioners who parade ourselves as kings
As selifsh and deluded as the blood-bathed Bathory

In a moment I was forever changed
When I made an oath that no life would be taken in my name
Our claims of natural reveal themselves as criminal
So I commit to compassion
Will you answer to this call for action?

Lose your faith
You feel the wrong
Lose your faith
You lie to carry on
Lose your faith
You feel the wrong
Lose your faith
How can you carry on?
Track Name: Black Friday
Work today
Cash rules everything around me
And everything around me is empty

But how can we run escapeless seas?
I put one foot in and sink
I put one foot in and think
We're all sunk by the misery of deceit

Check out today
Cash rules everyone around me
And everyone around me is empty

Disinherited of life
Off the plank we dive
To depths so low
To depths so cold

We choose to breathe below the sea
We choose to sink

Our spirit's poverty
Turns to fury
Turns to frenzy

Believe us when we say that today's casualty was an act of love

We sink
We sink
We sink
Track Name: Pythoness
Be deaf to the preachers of puritan punishment
You know assholes are full of shit
Coil 'round the neck of sexist institutions
Slide away and never cum back
Never cummin' back


Tonight's insertion is a cultural subversion
As is abstaining in disdain of misogyny's intrusion
Lose the myth of loss of dignity
Freedom can happen on its knees
You're not "having your way" when I agree

The song of the pythonessssss pulses like a clitorissssss

Patriarchy's governing anti-woman ideology
Conspiring and contradictory, demanding self deprecating humility
Power dynamics will shift with me - spread eagle for who I please

Whose morals are these?

We are fearless insurgents, loose ladies and vulgar virgins
Laced in their corset of conformity - purity verse carnality
We gasp for air in this dichotomy
Cut loose of antiquated philosophy we breathe guiltlessly

Whose morals are these?

"Slut"? What?!
Double standards are dismissed, along with fictional restrictions
Self respect manifests in self awareness
Loving or loveless, forever or a night
If it's right for you, it's right

Your body
Your mind
Your right
Track Name: 33 / 45
They say we'll never get jobs lookin' this way
We laugh
A job ain't nothin but work and we're not for sale, anyway
Letters scrawled on collar bones remind that while they're dead we're still alive
While complacency commands them, we're driven by this rage that guides

Measuring success in happiness
They can keep their endless quest for emptiness
We place more value in the wax that's been pressed
They can judge, but the real judgment is left to the kids of dissidence

Brought together by the spin of a record while the world spins out of control
A tribe arises out of hollow high rises, screaming above the din of advertisments:
It's not for us
It's not for us
It's not

They say that we're the kids who will never fit in
We laugh
... here's hoping!

Measuring success in happiness
They can keep their endless quest for emptiness
We gain our values in the wax that's been pressed
They can judge, but the real judgment is left to the kids of dissidence...
... the kids who will never sell out and never buy in
Track Name: Fire Born
Fire Born
Retribution I seek
As I, ember, walk these charred streets
Burning in injustice
Unwilling I came to suffering-
So now the inferno suffers me

We see the truth in agony
So light the threats like kindling
But peace will come by any means

Fire Born
I shake from time to time
As I, ember, see the other side
I will rub together fear and terror to spark a memory
Of collective suffering
Warm, humanity

Groping upwards backwards wildly
When we don't have to reach to find decency and honesty
Tricked to worship with a lack of conscience
Illusions like money, god, and privilege
In our saintly mediocrity we are party to atrocitcy
Most are duped by smoke and mirrors
I don't blame most - I just blame some
So now we become the warriors
In flames, the fireborn are home
These eyes won't be put out

Fire Born
Those engulfed in flames
And I, ember, a wordless song we sang
Strive to liberate
And if these be my final, I must say:

I have none, but so much faith.

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