9 Lives

by Kingdom



Recorded by Chris Dowhan in June 2007 in Richmond, Virginia. 7" Vinyl available on New Age Records.


released May 1, 2008

Vocals - Davin
Guitar - Ty
Bass - Matt
Drums - Benjamin Sap

Cover Art created by Benjamin Sap.



all rights reserved


Kingdom Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly/RVA vegan straight edge hardcore.

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Track Name: 9 Lives
I won't break my own legs just to walk with crutches
I may stand alone but I stand as myself
No matter how we obscure it
Truth awaits us, you can't dodge the real shit
What do we have if not control of our minds?
Look to a flask to mask what you've become
Ski the slopes until you're good and numb
Mistake cowaring together for bonding and pleasure
Vices deceive those who wish to believe
It's time to face the lie
You can try to justify with a sob story about your hard knock life
But I used to think this world had broken me
Hiding, ashamed, I suffered self inflicted injuries
We masked the pain and the joy the same
We thought we'd drink away our poverty
But when the sun rose our pockets were still empty
Me and all my friends were lost
Those times alone with no money, no family, no home, and no hope
We'll kill ourselves real slow!
We're all so gone we won't even notice when we go!
Someone once said to me
"You're better than the life you lead"
I made a choice that very night and it's the reason I'm still alive
I see my old friends sometimes
Strung out and 25
Some died
Time slipping by
Doing time
Relapsed and he's breaking down
Envious that I got out
I got out
If this is growing up then I'll stay a kid forever
I'll be the kid that survived
While you prove your maturity
By avoiding your life
I am the one who survived
You can mock my straight edge pride
But I am the one who survived
Track Name: The Rage That Guides
I never meant this world for you
And it breaks my heart to know the suffering it has put you through
This grief has shaped me
Forged in the pain of my past
But I ache from the damage of our collective experience
Injustice drives my rage, my guide
He says he's lost all faith in humanity
He was so naive
I can't console him, all that I can say is that's a realistic way to be
I never believed
He calls for blood with tears of fury
In the name of family
In a world that's out to rip our wings
Injustice drives this rage that guides
After all this time i'm horrified
I wish I could have protected you
I can't change the past so all I ask
Is that you never make excuses for their ways
I'm sorry you went through this for me
We fight together for our dignity
Bound by blood
Bound by enemy
I have my own religion but I ain't got no faith
Because this world has left me with only one thing to believe in
When even men of god are out to break me:
This rage that guides
This rage that guides
I would give you everything if I could
Your support means more than anything else ever would
This rage that guides
This rage that guides
This rage that guides me
Track Name: Raft
"Why tread this water anymore when so many have drown in despair?
The tides are relentless!"
Then why aren't we relentless?!
"We're just needles in a haystack, so why try?
Why beat yourself up?
It's not a compromise, it's just life!
You have no choice.
Become the violence, tell the lie.
Don't you see we can't fight the tide?"

Are we fading away into the grey?
Coasting through the fog of right and wrong
Lost at sea, lost at sea
But I still believe
That we can remember who we are
So disconnected by this cheap contentment
These crowns have slipped over our eyes and I just want to find
The way out of this kingdom, this prison, this battlefield
I renounce my crown
I would rather drown

Are we fading away into the grey?
Coasting through the fog of right and wrong
Lost at sea, lost at sea
Anchored by our apathy
Cause when there's no shore in sight it's hard to believe
Don't mistake what's easy for what's right
Don't mistake what's right for this half-life of scraping by
The world enslaved so we can sail this dismal night
We are cowards, kings who say it's "too hard" to even try
You say you have no pull? Come on!

Are we fading away into the grey?
Coasting through the fog of right and wrong
Lost at sea, lost at sea
So desperate, I'm praying
To a god I don't believe in that we can find our way home

Are we fading away into the grey?
Coasting through the fog of right and wrong
Lost at sea, lost at sea
These waters may claim me
But I will sink with my integrity
I renounce my crown
This kingdom's going down
Our drive is stronger than the tide
We decide if we decide